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Why does the Gourmet public choose Vegadénia products?

Satisfying the most demanding palates is no easy task! But at Vegadénia we know the key to pleasing the most demanding gourmet public: creating innovative products with different ingredients, textures, surprising mixes and irresistible flavours!

We tell you more!

The key in creating our pâtés is the choice of surprising and innovative ingredients. All of them have been chosen in a meticulous and thoughtful way: each ingredient provides a differential value and must act in perfect synergy with the rest of the ingredients, in a balanced combination that surprises our palate. That is why our pâtés do not require more accompaniment: they work perfectly as a single ingredient spread on bread. No more needed! Some toasted bread or breadsticks, your favorite Vegadénia pâté… and you! The perfect mix!

Today we want to reveal a little more about those star ingredients that we have incorporated into our recipes. We love to think and create recipes from scratch, exclusive to Vegadénia, and worthy of criteria as refined as yours.


Tahine or tahini is a paste created from sesame. Usually, in the market we can find white tahini or black tahini. Black tahini differs from white because of its great nutritional value (it contains an extra dose of calcium, iron and fiber), as well as having an intense flavor and a lot of personality. And it is no coincidence that we have included it as an ingredient in our pâtés! The gourmet public agrees that black tahini provides that differential touch that all connoisseurs of gastronomy look for in their creations.

Among others, at Vegadénia we have chosen this ingredient to create our Organic Eggplant Pate with Black Tahine and Cumin. We have also introduced it in the Organic Vegummus with toasted Tahine. The result is surprising! Do you dare to try it?

tahine gourmet vegadenia



If there is an ingredient that evokes exotic flavors, it is curry. This condiment originally from India is made up of cumin, cinnamon, turmeric (which gives it that yellow color), cumin, nutmeg, pepper and ginger, among many other spices.

As if that were not enough, curry provides multiple properties to our body. For example, turmeric has a great antioxidant capacity that helps reduce inflammation in our body and keep it in balance.

Lovers of different flavors always say that curry cannot be missing from any dish worth its salt. We listen to these comments to create our Organic Artichoke Pate with Curry and Vegummus . A mix of flavor that excites! Have you already tried it?

curry gourmet vegadenia


Garlic is highly valued in gastronomy, not only for its flavor, but also for the benefits it brings to our body: it improves circulation, reduces cholesterol levels and has antibacterial properties. Many specialists in nutrition and dietetics recommend eating a clove of raw garlic!

In the market we find different types of garlic that vary according to their color and flavor: white, black, pink, violet… For the creation of our pâté, we have chosen different varieties:

Both black garlic and roasted or fresh garlic add personality and robustness to our products. That is why they have been specially considered when developing the Organic Hummus with Three Garlic and Roasted Tomato and Black Garlic Vegummus . It will certainly surprise you!

ajo gourmet vegadenia


After a process of drying the ripe tomato, it is transformed into dried tomato. This varies its texture and flavor, giving it an aged and much more sophisticated flavor.

If we add dried tomato to our delicious black olive cream, the result is our black olive and dried tomato vegetable pâté that surprises the most veterans. Cheer up to meet him!

Do you want to know more surprising flavors of Vegadénia? You can discover them all here !


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