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Our friends at Arat Natura have been growing mushrooms since 2014. This innovative family business linked to the field and the production of mushrooms, seeks to offer a differentiated product. Let yourself be advised of the seasonality of the mushrooms by them!

Asier, a technical forestry engineer and organic farmer, has been perfectly familiar with the world of mycology since he was a child.

Let’s see what they have to tell us…

Tell us the story of how this started and who is behind Arat Natura.

It all started at home, at a family dinner more than 7 years ago, the aim was a venture related to horticulture. After giving it a lot of thought, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to start a business growing organic mushrooms.

I, Asier , manage the project on a daily basis, but it is complemented by my brothers-in-law and partners: Toni, Andrés, and Ricardo. Each one of them has a long professional experience in a different field: business, food, and medicine.

In addition to the partners, those who do the daily work of preparing orders, cultivation, etc. are Pili, Nezlen, Jennifer, Gustavo, Inma, Fran, and David .

What do customers value most about the brand?

Our trademark is ourproximity to our customers: we work person to person. As a result, what customers value most is the service we provide and the quality of our products.

Arat represents close treatment, trust, and quality.
We work person to person.

How has the path and the evolution been since you started?

We started from absolute zero, we didn’t know anyone, we had never grown anything, we didn’t know where to sell the product. In short, we knew nothing .

To be honest, the path has been complicated… but also very satisfying thanks to our ability to overcome.

What is the company's next objective?

The main objective is to overcome this crisis, we work hard for the restoration and we have seen ourselves decimated.

In addition to this we want to optimize our resources, reducing our carbon footprint, 60% of our products are km 0 we want to reach 70% in 2022 and 80% in 2023.

We've known each other for a long time...

Since 2016, no less. In addition to supplying mushrooms, over the years we have forged a relationship that has taken us from joint product development to sharing spaces at trade fairs.

How did you start in the organic sector?

Due to personal values, the family is linked to the countryside by our grandparents and we believe that things can be done as they did. We are looking for alternative cultivation methods, the recovery and reuse of raw materials (we grow in agricultural residues). On top of this, society is making things easier.

We are about to launch the online shop; we are very close!!!

If you had to advise us and help us choose fresh, quality mushrooms, what should we know?

We mainly must look at the color of the mushroom and the cut of the stem, this is the fundamental basis. It is important to make sure that the stem of the mushroom is not too dry. We should choose a mushroom with a fresh, light-coloured stem (mushroom and shiitake), avoiding blackened, dark and mouldy colours.

Where can we find your product?

We can find it in stores that have fresh or dehydrated products, mainly in Herbolario Navarro, Veritas, Economato Macabeo, Dehesa El Milagro, we also have a distributor in Madrid. In Valencia we are, for example, in Ecoorganic or in the Central Market of Valencia.

Who are Arat Natura's most important customers?

Our main customers are shops specialising in the sale of mushrooms, organic shops, herbalists, market stalls and supermarket shelves.

If we talk about final consumers: families between 35-55 years old who are concerned about their diet, have a healthy lifestyle, and are motivated to buy organic.

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