At Vegadénia we are ecological artisans tasty vegans healthy safe sustainable like you

The craft workshop that unites the pleasure of gastronomy and self-commitment to the planet.
We are aware that sustainable food is the foundation on which we want to build our lives.

We want to bring you the best of craftsmanship with the highlights of technology and innovation.

We hope to meat your expectations!

Our roots

Speaking of height… right now we are 15 meters above sea level, in the city of Valencia.

In 2016 Vegadénia was born in Dénia and it was no coincidence that we soon moved to the capital of the Turia… we are in love with this culture, these traditions, and the Valencian ingredients that we use to make our creations.

Our products

It is no secret, the quality of the ingredients makes the difference to achieve that authentic flavor, and more so when we have the self-commitment of not using artificial additives or preservatives to hide imperfections.

Only in this way can we guarantee you the most natural flavour, with nothing to hide and with ingredients that you have in your pantry.

Here you will not need the magnifying glass: the ingredients are clear and without small print.

Crafts and technology

These are two of our principles and we are clear: Craftsmanship is not at odds with technology, rather they complement each other. In the new digital world there is no force more transformative than technology. We love exploring all the options, experimenting with raw materials, our hands, and technology. This is how we understand crafts at Vegadénia.


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