The project

Vegadénia is the brand under which we make high-quality natural vegetable preserves such as vegetable pâtés, aquafaba, garrofó and chickpea hummus, vegetable sobrassadas, jams, and other preparations; ecological, artisan, local, and suitable for vegetarian and vegan food.

We seek to satisfy consumers who demand a pleasant, high-quality, healthy, and sustainable diet, creating excellent vegetable preparations, preferably organic, and local.

Our history

Vegadénia is a fundamentally family project, under the cooperative formula (Innova Veg, Coop. V.) , in which, to day, six people work directly. Our project was born in Dénia (La Marina Alta) at the beginning of 2016, and since then we have been growing to our current facilities in the Grao of the city of Valencia. Now we are preparing new facilities, larger and more adapted.

Our products base their collective identity on four basic characteristics: safe , tasty , healthy, and sustainable , combining creativity , craftsmanship , innovation, and technology in the process; we voluntarily refrain from using additives and artificial preservatives, so only natural raw materials of the highest quality are used.

We intend to be leaders and benchmark players in the sectors in which we are present, with a dynamic and proactive business structure, committed to its environment, cooperative, and profitable, seeking the involvement of our teams, customers, and suppliers.

We firmly believe in associationism and cooperation, which is why we are members of PROAVA (quality agri-food products from the region of Valencia), FEVECTA (Valencian Federation of Workers’ Cooperative Enterprises), Knowcosters Foundation, the Valencian Community Organic Farming Committee (organic production certifier), AINIA (Agri-food Technological Institute), and C.R.D.O. (Regulatory Council of the Valencian Tiger Denomination of Origin); moreover, we are accredited as Artisans of the Valencian Community, from which we received the awards for the best traditional product in 2017 and for the best innovative product in 2018. In addition, the Vida Sana association awarded us the best organic product in 2019. Currently, we are in the B Corp and ODS certification phase.


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