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Outdoor vegetarian picnic with Vegadénia

With the arrival of good weather, many families have considered the possibility of having a vegetarian picnic outdoors. And… we bring you good news! You can include Vegadénia pâtés in your vegetarian picnic basket: they do not need to be chilled, they are an excellent product and children and adults alike love it! They are easy to spread and enjoy. They will be over in a blink of an eye!

The best Vegadénia pâtés for a vegetarian picnic

The picnic is a great idea to gather the whole family around in the field. But there is an issue that should not be neglected: include products that the whole family likes. Our pâtés are especially suitable for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Don’t know what pâtés to include in your picnic basket? Today we advise you with these ideas to make your picnic a success. We rely on traditional and familiar flavors and those that, as we know, have enchanted the smallest of the house. Keep reading!


Hummus is a chickpea cream that we make in an artisanal way at Vegadénia. It is a classic snack that cannot be missed. Its simplicity, its characteristic flavor and the possibility of being consumed while you share a nice day with the family make this product an essential part of your menu. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend that you play it safe with our Bio Chickpea Hummus . It’s tasty, sustainable and healthy!

over vegan

Sobravegana emulates the perception of conventional sobrasada, but with a much more interesting nutritional value and without compromising the lives of animals or the environment. It is made with sunflower seeds and barley miso, which gives it a tasty and unctuous texture. When choosing your sobravegana you have three different options: classic organic, with dates or spicy. Choose yours here!

Vegetable pâtés, our star product

If we are experts in anything at Vegadénia, it is in making vegetable pâtés. We have developed them in an artisanal way, rigorously following quality standards and being faithful to our commitment to sustainability. For us it is an immense pleasure that you share them with your family. In each of the pâtés is a part of our effort!

The Vegadénia range of vegetable pâtés has different options. Among them, we will highlight:

  • Aubergine pate with oregano, perfect for a meeting with your loved ones. The aubergine, the base of this pâté, is a vegetable that is familiar to everyone. In addition, the oregano closes the flavor of this pâté, making it especially aromatic and tasty. Learn more here!
  • Carrot pate with walnuts and basil: the little ones love it for its sweet taste and its aroma is fresh, lively and cheerful. In addition to its flavor, its orange color also gives it that fun touch that youngsters love. Without a doubt, a vegetable pâté that cannot be missing from your vegetarian picnic !
  • Mushroom pate with pepper, for the simplicity and authenticity of its ingredients.

To enjoy these pâtés, we recommend that you take a coarse-crumb rustic bread in your vegetarian picnic basket. In addition, with a splash of extra virgin oil, you will give that special touch to the bread.

And what other pâtés would you add to this vegetarian picnic basket? What is your favorite within the mentioned list? And that of your children?

Do you have questions about a product? Contact us! In Vegadénia we will always be at your entire disposal. You can do it through our social networks: Instagram @vegadenia, Facebook, as well as through the contact option on our website. We will wait for you!


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