Today, June 18, we celebrate the Day of Sustainable Gastronomy , proclaimed by the UN in 2016.

The objective of this day is to make citizens aware of acquiring new eating habits that contribute to the well-being of the world’s population and to the protection and preservation of the resources that come from the earth in order to inhabit a more sustainable planet.

The improvements and changes related to the environment, the social and the economic are essential to generate the necessary conditions for a truly sustainable world.

In this sense, it is necessary to produce an improvement in the way of producing food and a global commitment with the aim of minimizing the negative impact that human consumption has caused on natural resources.

According to the United Nations Organization (UN) , the principles on which agriculture and sustainable food are based are the following:

  • Improve the efficiency in the use, conservation, protection and improvement of natural resources, as a key element for the sustainability of agriculture.
  • Protect and improve rural livelihoods for equity and social well-being.
  • Strengthen the resilience of people, communities and ecosystems for sustainable agriculture.
  • Apply responsible and effective governance mechanisms for the sustainability of food and agriculture.

How to celebrate the Day of Sustainable Gastronomy?


Although the celebration of this event is recent, it represents progress for the sustainable development goals set by the UN in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development , aimed at contributing to a more harmonious and balanced life with the environment.

Below we list some actions that you can take to promote sustainable gastronomy.

  • Buy seasonal products.
  • Buy local products , better than imported.
  • Acquire products in bulk and avoid packaged ones, as far as possible.
  • Use more vegetables in the preparation of meals and decrease meat consumption.
  • Don’t waste food, plan your purchases.
  • Reuse the seeds of fruits and vegetables to make your own garden.
  • Do not waste the water you use in food preparation.
  • Contribute to recycling, avoiding buying products with plastic containers.

Share your opinion on this interesting topic on social networks, adding the hashtag #DayofSustainableGastronomy .

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