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Our products meet four essential requirements.

The 4 S


We guarantee the safety of each and every one of our elaborations through advanced technology and our exhaustive procedures.

We adjust the conservation, pasteurization or sterilization treatment to the needs of each product, based on analytical and objective values, in accordance with demanding controls and safety protocols, fully respecting the characteristics and flavour of the raw material, but with the nuance that only people can give.

We use inert preserves of leading brands, glass, and steel. Our taps are free of Bisphenol A and we prefer to use them with a safety button.

We take care of every detail to take care of you and yours, just as you would.


We look for simple and complex flavours at the same time, that taste like what you think they should taste like.

Exclusively vegetable products, designed to please all types of palates.

We select the best raw materials directly from male and female farmers or from small local distributor stores.

We make all our products in our workshop, in an artisanal way.

We cook with natural ingredients that anyone could have in their pantry or fridge, without artificial additives or preservatives, real food, just as you would.


We offer a varied, easy-to-use range that helps to reduce the consumption of animal-based foods and meets the different dietary needs and tastes.

We use ingredients of the highest quality, organic, and exclusively vegetable. We transform them by hand, respecting the virtues of each raw material.

Our label is honest and clean,free of products you would not recognize or know the name of, and nutritionally natural, just as you would.


Practically all of our products are from organic farming, with criteria of proximity and social responsibility. We are firmly committed to ensuring that more than 50% of the volume of our product purchases and services received originate from independent local suppliers, with whom we share territory and community.

We pack in glass, a reusable and 100% recyclable material. Our labels are made of paper and we use water-based inks. Even our pallets are made of cardboard!

We are a social economy company, committed to our environment and to the sustainability goals that we share with the entire planet.

We are in the process of obtaining the highest certifications of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

We ask our suppliers and collaborators what we demand of ourselves: a new model of responsible brand and committed company. We care about knowing what else is behind a product and a price, just as you would

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