Almond pâté with fine herbs

Original, authentic and healthy. This is our organic almond pâté with fine herbs! Like all Vegadénia products, made with love and thought to the smallest detail. It is probably one of our most complex elaborations.

Among the ingredients of our almond pâté, we find:

  • Almond paste (78%) – Made with 40% almonds and water. It is a dry fruit of high nutritional value, milky texture and mild flavor. Really delicious!
  • Extra virgin olive oil. A classic that cannot be missing in any Vegadénia elaboration. 100% Mediterranean!
  • Tamari. Tamari is a soy sauce made only from soybeans fermented with Aspergilus sojae.
  • Sesame. Sesame seeds are oleaginous and act as an emulsifier. Perfect for our herbed almond pâté!
  • Aromatic plants. To give that special touch to the fine herbs that make this pâté so unique.
  • Ginger. Ginger has a characteristic perfumed aroma, much appreciated in cooking.
  • Garlic. It helps us to crown our herbed almond pâté until it becomes a product with a lot of personality.
  • Sea salt. To enhance all its flavor in a 100% natural way!
Not only as a spreadable!

The herbed almond pâté is not only perfect for spreading on glass bread (or whatever you like) but it can also be very useful in your kitchen. For example, you can prepare a delicious rice if you add a teaspoon of our pate to your dish. Try it, the taste will change radically! If you already want to be a chef, add slow-cooked seasonal vegetables to your rice. And enjoy your Vegadénia pâté!


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