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5 reasons why we are perfect for infant feeding

Vegadénia pâtés are perfect for the whole family because they delight both adults and children: the elderly choose us for their sophisticated flavor and the versatility of our recipes. The children’s audience, particularly demanding and critical, has also chosen us. Why are Vegadénia pâtés also so appreciated for children’s food ? Today we answer you!

1º-High nutritional value in a pate with a mild flavor

While parents always ensure that the food consumed by the little ones in the house is nutritious, the younger ones appreciate us because many of our products have a mild and pleasant flavor. Spread on bread or as a dip mixture, children accept Vegadénia pâtés to accompany them at recess or in a fun snack. And we are very grateful to them for it!

2º-They can prepare it themselves

One of the keys to involving children in infant feeding is that they themselves get involved in cooking: the little ones always appreciate more what they prepare for themselves! Vegadénia pâtés are easy to spread and do not require preparation, since they arrive ready to eat. Its texture is especially creamy and very easy to spread. These “crazy shorties” love to make their own lunch!

3º-Make a fun use of jars

Once the content of the Vegadénia pates is finished, the jar becomes a useful container for crafts or for storing small items. This means that we are always close to the children and stay by their side, both when they consume us and afterwards!

4º-A creamy vetegal pâté without “stumbles”

We know that infant feeding can be especially complex: children are especially sensitive to textures and tastes. At Vegadénia we take care that our pâtés are creamy and fine. They are so delicate and taste so good that no child could tell that they are made with vegetable ingredients!

5º-A wide variety of flavors

If there is someone who is likely to get bored with the daily routine, it is a child. At Vegadénia we have an extensive range of pâtés and vegetable products. Surely your child will find his favorite among our offer!

Some ideas for parents

Apparently, Vegadénia pâtés may turn out to be a product aimed at the more adult public. We would like to remind you that the ingredients of our products have undergone strict quality control, whose highest quality ingredients are also organic and exclusively vegetable. For this reason, many moms and dads have already chosen us as a product to be part of their children’s lunches and snacks!

Do the little ones in your house already know our Vegadénia pâtés? We encourage you to get yours and get to know why we are present in infant feeding.


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