Vegadénia pâtés are much more than simple spreads. With a little inventiveness and creativity, we can use our products to cook, season and/or reinvent traditional dishes.

Although it is true that the summer heat does not invite us to sit in front of the stove, today we bring you a great idea: create summer salad dressings with Vegadénia pâtés. They are very easy to prepare and are that differential point that you can include in your pasta or vegetable salads. In summer they are more than appetizing. Let’s get started!

Organic tomato jam dressing with ginger Vegadénia

A jam that we love! And we put it at your disposal to exploit your most creative side. Made with tomato, cane sugar, natural apple pectin, lemon juice and fresh ginger from organic farming. You can’t ask for more! This jam is perfect to create a different and refreshing dressing thanks to the fresh ginger.

Ginger. Food and therapeutic use.

Ginger has a characteristic fragrant aroma. Its flavor is spicy, spicy and penetrating, with a slightly sweet touch. If we talk about the beneficial properties it brings to our body, this spice leaves no one indifferent: Traditional Chinese Medicine has already incorporated it in its list of healing remedies, as it helps treat nausea, protects against stomach ulcers, relieves joint and muscle pain, improves brain function and relieves inflammation.

Summer salad dressing with organic tomato and ginger marmalade

Let’s get to work! Get a bowl and add a good splash of extra virgin olive oil with a dash of vinegar. Add two tablespoons of our jam and stir until it dissolves into a thin, creamy mixture. If you consider it enhances the flavor by adding a pinch of salt. This dressing will be especially useful to add a fun touch to any pasta salad. Experts say that a dressing or sauce is the detail that makes the difference in any self-respecting dish. And we agree, don’t we.

Black olive pate with dried tomato dressing

An ideal option for lovers of rustic flavor. This Vegadénia pâté is made with 76% black olives, spring onion, extra virgin olive oil, dried tomato, garlic, fresh aromatic herbs and sea salt. Almost nothing! This pâté has a color somewhere between black and the purest chocolate, with earthy and reddish shades. Its aroma is intense, giving special prominence to the black olive. It is a different elaboration compared to an olivvada or a tapenade. Combining the black olives with dried tomato and spring onion gives an intense flavour and natural freshness, finally appreciating the presence of local aromatic plants.

Black olives, the Mediterranean in its purest form

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. This is because we consume a large amount of vegetables, cereals and fruits. Among all the local products are olives, which are highly appreciated internationally for their flavor and properties. One of the most important nutritional properties is oleic acid, known as monounsaturated fats, which are good for reducing LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol. It also contains significant amounts of vitamins A and E, micronutrients essential for the proper functioning of our body.

To the kitchen!

Do you already have your Vegadénia black olive pâté? Excellent! Now you only need to mix two tablespoons with an oil with a mild flavor that does not compete with the prominence of the black olive. This summer salad dressing goes especially well with green leafy vegetable salads. In addition, among many other qualities, you will be able to preserve its qualities intact for a not inconsiderable time if you store it conveniently in the refrigerator.

What other Vegadénia dressings can you think of? Have you ever used our pâtés to dress your recipes? Tell us about it, we read you.



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